Lowell Mick White, an author and editor residing in Austin, Texas but originally from Coxs Mills, West Virginia, spoke with the Pop-Up News UK team. He taught one of our members, Raikhan Serikova, whilst she was at Pittsburg State University. She now lives in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and so the story has made its way across the Atlantic to us! Here are his thoughts on Tuesday’s election:


Q: Who do you think is going to win?

A:  Secretary Clinton will win, though it will be close.


Q: Do you think the election has divided the US? 

The US was already divided. Trump’s candidacy merely made that divide more apparent.


Q: Has the intensity of the campaigning put people off or made more people vote?

A:The intensity has definitely put people off. Many of my friends and students have totally tuned-out the election. They are appalled and frightened, and don’t want to pay attention. (I think this behaviour is CRAZY).


Q: Do you think Donald Trump is good for democracy through the debate he causes?

A: No. His normalization of lying, racism, and misogyny has strengthened anti-democratic forces in our country.


Q: What do you envisage happening to the US if Trump wins? 

A: Wars. Financial collapse. People will die that should not die. Lives will be derailed. The institutions of government will be damaged, perhaps permanently.


Q: How will this election affect future elections?

A: Trump is old and probably won’t run in 2020. But Trumpism isn’t going anywhere. A big percentage of the American population—25% to 30%–is deeply ignorant, racist, and angry. Trump has energized these people and has given them a political focus. They will be a threat to our democracy (and maybe to the world) for a long time. Traditionally, for the past 150 years (in other words, since the end of our civil war) American electoral politics have been volatile, while the government itself has been quite stable. This is changing. If Republicans control the House and the Senate after this election, don’t be surprised to see the US government…just stop functioning.